How it Works

1. Register your interest by talking to a JANESCE pharmacy consultant, or submitting an enquiry form on line.

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2. You will receive a skin consult and products will be recommended for your program. There are 3 programs:


For dry / sensitive skin or those with anti-ageing concerns

Feel good

Or normal/dry skin, a healthy maintenance program

Rescue and Clear

For oily/combination skin concerns
3. You will also be given a healthy options+ guide to suit your skin type. This guide will explain what foods are important, lifestyle choices and will also recommend vitamin supplement dosage.

4. In addition to this you will be given a healthy options+ menu - this gives you a daily routine to follow so that you can incorporate foods that are important for your skin health and wellbeing.
For more great healthy choice recipes refer to links below to the Heart Foundation and Diabetes Australia websites.
The Healthy Options+ program is a self-help guide
to correcting skin health concerns through good
nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.
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See and feel the difference

The good news is that you can make real changes to your skin and to your health. By following the JANESCE recommended daily skin caring ritual, and using your Healthy Options+ guide you will see great results in the way you look, and also in the way you feel.

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