JANESCE is founded on the trusted principles of nutrition, and we have embraced this with our detox and skin health menus to support the therapeutic benefits of organic plant extracts used in JANESCE skin care products.

The Janesce 7 DAYS OF ME DETOX features our Vital Cleanse menu.


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Show your body a little more love with this delicious and gentle
Janesce 7 Days Of Me Detox.

Enjoy renewed feelings of lightness, more energy and a healthy radiance to make your skin glow.

Take yourself on a 7-day journey with detox enhancing meals, complimented by a JANESCE herbal aperitif*.

All that you need to know is outlined in a beautiful book, the 7 DAYS OF ME JANESCE VITAL CLEANSE, created in collaboration between Janice Smith, JANESCE Founder and Naturopath, and our JANESCE devotee and business associate, Janine Tait from New Zealand.

The book includes daily meal planner, recipes, shopping guide, tips for healthy eating, what to do when coming off the detox, and lifestyle choices to compliment the benefits of your detox experience.

To compliment your detox program Janesce has created a beautiful 7 herb + almond detox body exfoliant.

JANESCE 7 herb + almond detox body exfoliant 250g 

When we created this exfoliant, we envisaged that not only was it going to give wonderful detoxing benefits, but it will also leave the skin feeling velvety and softened by natural oils. We also felt that the aroma needed to be refreshing and slightly citrus.

So we chose the natural exfoliating elements of almond meal, jojoba grains and sea salt, blended with essential oils of rosemary, juniper berry, grapefruit, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, lavender and rose geranium. This combination stimulates circulation while aiding detoxification of the cells. And the aroma that lingers on the skin is just what we envisaged ... it's truly uplifting.

almond detox body exfoliant
The rich chocolate colour of the exfoliant transforms into a creamy wash when you add water during application. Simply apply after showering while your skin is still damp, adding extra water to work the exfoliant over your body, massaging in rotary movements for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse.

During your 7 DAYS OF ME DETOX journey we recommend using the JANESCE 7 herb + almond detox body exfoliant every second day.

JANESCE Aperitif 100ml (gentle liver detox)

The JANESCE Aperitif is much loved by our JANESCE devotees, and it’s the perfect compliment to this detox program. This herbal aperitif is a natural blood cleanser and liver tonic that gently helps the body to eliminate waste.

Created from a blend of senna, burdock, fennel, chaparral, yellow dock, dandelion, uva ursi, hydrocotyle, asiatica, elderflowers, juniper, cardamon, and cloves. These plants have been used for many centuries to aid the elimination of waste from the body.

1 teaspoon in water (or apple juice) to be taken prior to meals.

JANESCE Aperitif

To embrace the experience we have created a JANESCE 7 DAYS OF ME DETOX KIT:

• 7 Days of Me Vital Cleanse book
• JANESCE aperitif 100ml (gentle liver detox)
• JANESCE 7 herb + almond detox body exfoliant 250g 
• Reward voucher for 15% discount off a purchase of treatment, and/or JANESCE skin care.*

*Not valid with any other offer.


7 DAYS OF ME DETOX KIT $95 (valued at $135)


Available March 1st to March 31st exclusively at our JANESCE experience stores:

Norwood: 205 The Parade, 8364 5230
Hyde Park: 130 King William Rd, 8373 0558
Adelaide Arcade: Shop 34, 8359 3388


We advise this program is not recommended for those who are:
• Diabetic
• Underweight
• On a medical program or convalescing after an illness
• Pregnant or breast-feeding.

To talk to a Janesce consultant:
Free call: 1800 802 461